The «Beauty Boheme Awards» is held to develop the beauty industry, promote it, create a platform for professional communication, and promote high quality standards and consolidate the beauty industry community.During the Award, the best specialists, organizations, centers, clinics, and laboratories in the beauty industry are determined«Beauty Boheme Awards».

TheBeauty Boheme Awards was established in 2016 and is annual.The fact of submitting an application for participation in the Award is a public offer. Access to the information provided by the Bidder is provided by: Organizer, Organizing Committee, members of the Expert Council of the Prize, independent independent auditor.The organizer and Expert Council of the Award reserves the right to refuse a number of nominations for objective reasons, as well as establish a new name for nominations.

Prize Organizing Committee:

  • Announces the Award by placing an official announcement on the Award website, as well as through publications in the mass media and in social networks of the Award;
  • has access to information provided by the Nominees and Laureates of the Prize.

Members of the Organizing Committee:

  • Recommend new members to the Organizing Committee;
  • Recommend members of the Expert Council Awards;
  • make proposals on the candidacy of the Executive Director of the Prize;
  • put forward candidates in the nomination "Person of the Year", "Noble Heart" and "Beauty Innovation»;
  • Participate in the awards ceremony;
  • Participate in all events held in the framework of the Prize;
  • Make suggestions and recommendations on the organization and conduct of the Prize;
  • Attract partners of the Award;
  • Assist in the organization and conduct of the Award;
  • Popularize the Award in public speaking, media, social platforms.

Executive Director of the Prize:

  • Holds meetings of the Organizing Committee;
  • Signs the decisions and documents of the Organizing Committee;
  • Can participate in all meetings of the Expert Council Award;
  • Represents the Prize in relations with third parties

Expert Council Awards

  • The composition of the Expert Council is approved at a meeting of the Prize Organizing Committee;
  • The Expert Council of the Prize has the right to request additional information from the Nominees, which is not provided for by the Rules and the application form;
  • If necessary, the Expert Council of the Award has the right to seek the opinion of independent industry experts;
  • The decisions of the Experts are final and not subject to appeal.

Regulations on participation in the Prize. Ways of promotion.

Participation in the Prize is free of charge (with the exception of nominations that are officially confirmed advertising manifestations).

The participant has the right to nominate his candidacy only in 1 (one) selected nomination.

The criteria that must correspond to the nominee in the chosen nomination are indicated in the description of each nomination on the official website of the award.

You can move on the path of self-promotion.

To participate in the competition, you must submit an application for participation in the competition in the selected category, which is in the respective categories. By applying for participation in the Award, the Applicant agrees to these Award Rules without any conditions and exceptions.

Reception of applications for participation in the Prize opens from 12/11/2018.

The applicant has the right to choose only one nomination for participation.

Nomination for nomination in the Award from trade unions and associations is carried out in several categories (up to 10).

After filing the Application for participation, the Organizing Committee shall contact the Applicant using the contact details specified in the Application for participation in the Prize.

If the Application for participation is filled out incorrectly, the Organizing Committee informs the Applicant about it. In this case, the Applicant has the opportunity to edit his application until the end of the reception of applications.

If the Application for participation is registered correctly, the Organizer sends information to the Applicant to participate in the selected category of Award.

Applicants for the nominees of the Award confirm that the photos and information provided by them for participation in the Award are their property, personal photos, free from third party requirements, and there are no other circumstances preventing the use of photos by the Award Organizer.

Applicants provide the Organizer of the Prize with the right to publish and further use of their image by the Organizer of the Prize for promotional purposes.

Entries received before 31.05.2018 are allowed to participate in the Prize. By decision of the Organizing Committee, this period may be extended, and information about this will be published on the website and / or social networks of the Prize.

The Organizing Committee reserves the right not to accept the Application for participation in the Prize in the following cases:

  • if the Organizing Committee, having taken all reasonable measures, was unable to contact the Applicant using the contact information specified during the registration;
  • if the Application for participation at the time of May 31, 2019 is not fully filled out or contains deliberately false information about the Applicant;
  • if the Applicant does not meet the criteria in the selected nomination;
  • if the Applicant does not provide copies of the required documents by December15, 2019.A company that is a sponsor or partner of a prize fund of the Prize cannot be a Challenger in those nominations to which its sponsorship or partnership applies.

Conducting the voting and the procedure for determining the Prize Winners

Voting takes place on the official website of the Prize.

The points gained by the nominees of the Prize pass periodical, multiple moderation.

To vote by online voting can experts, recognized industry professionals, visitors who are authorized users.

The voting algorithm takes into account the votes of experts of the Prize and authorized users as a percentage.

From 06/01/2018 to 07/31/2018 an online voting is held on the official website of the Award. Each site visitor has the opportunity to vote for the nominee 1 time. Processing of the results of the online voting will take place until 08/20/2018. When voting, only verified contacts will be counted.

For the counting of votes, the data are transmitted to the Organizing Committee of the Prize, after which the data are transferred to the auditing company in order to control the voting results.

Points scored in violation of the voting rules are annulled. In case of repeated violation, the nominee is disqualified and cannot continue to participate.

The winners in the categories “Person of the Year”, “Noble Heart” and “Beauty Innovation” are determined without online voting.

For participation in specialized events, the application for participation in which is submitted through professional portals,, the nominee is awarded additional points to the total votes received. Accumulated points in the "Regional Rating" are taken into account when casting votes at theBeauty Boheme Awards.Awards Prizes

The following awards are for Winners and Prize Winners:

  • for Laureates - diploma of the Prize Winner.
  • for the winners - branded statuette awards.

The awards ceremony provides for the possibility of presenting gifts, special prizes, certificates from the Prize’s partners.

Use of Award Winner status:

Nominees, Laureates and Winners of the Award have the right to use the statuses assigned within the framework of the Award for promotional purposes with the obligatory indication of the year in which they received this status.

Laureates and Winners of the Award have the right to enter the Expert Council of the Award of the following year.

Publication of information on the pages of the Award:

All information published on the website and social networks of the Award on behalf of the Nominees is provided in its original form, without guarantees of reliability and relevance. The site administration is not responsible for the content of information on links to third-party resources published by nominees in their profiles.

The site administration reserves the right to make stylistic changes in the information published in the profile of the nominee.

The organizer has the right to change the deadlines for determining the Winners and Laureates of the Prize, or the deadline for the voting (subject to notification on the web resources of the Prize).

By participating in the Prize, the Applicant agrees to the use by the Organizer of the information voluntarily provided to them without obtaining additional consent from him and without paying him any reward for using such information.